Liquid Polygon Staking

Stake your MATIC and receive stMATIC. Get daily staking rewards and put
your stMATIC to DeFi to work across the Polygon ecosystems.

Staked amount

138,629,565 MATIC


Lido APR


Rewards paid

13,534,587 MATIC


Staking with Lido

Get daily staking rewards whilst maintaining full transferability and control of your MATIC

1 Click Staking
Submit your MATIC tokens and get rewards for decentralizing the network
Sell stMATIC at any time without waiting for the unbounding period
Use stMATIC in other DeFi protocols on Polygon network
Decentralized security
Diversification across professional providers

Polygon Staking Calculator

Calculate your staking rewards with simple calculator tool

Enter your amount
Monthly rewards
0.035 MATIC
Yearly rewards
0.421 MATIC


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