Bug Bounty Program

Earn up to $2,000,000 USD by finding protocol, client and bugs affecting the Lido and Lido on X products.

Program overview

Lido Bug Bounty programs allow you to report a vulnerability and get up to $2,000,000.

We’re using the Immunefi platform — the leading bug bounty platform for DeFi with the world's largest bounties.

Lido Bug Bounty programs focused on the prevention of loss of user funds, denial of service, governance hijacks, data breaches, and data leaks. We care about it and have already paid $250,000 for 7 Bug Bounties.

We have separate active programs for Ethereum and Polygon.


  • The terms for different networks protocols are slightly different, but also have a lot in common, make sure you read them.

  • Please double-check that you choose the proper Bug Bounty program, when you report a vulnerability, that relates to the particular network.

  • Please, don’t DDoS, break websites, or send exploitative transactions to any production protocol.